December Travel To Rome Florence And Venice

December Travel to Rome, Florence and Venice

December Travel to Rome, Florence and Venice

December is a magical time to explore the beautiful cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice in Italy. These iconic Italian destinations offer a unique experience during the holiday season, blending historical charm with festive decorations and traditions. Whether you’re interested in exploring ancient ruins, admiring world-renowned artwork, or indulging in delicious Italian cuisine, a trip to these cities in December will create unforgettable memories.


Rome, the eternal city, is a must-visit destination during the winter season. With fewer tourists compared to the peak summer months, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the city’s landmarks without the crowds. Visit the Colosseum, the iconic symbol of ancient Rome, and explore the Roman Forum to immerse yourself in the city’s rich history and culture.

During December, Rome is beautifully decorated with Christmas lights and festive markets. The Piazza Navona transforms into a winter wonderland with a charming Christmas market, where you can shop for unique gifts and traditional Italian treats.

Don’t miss the chance to visit the Vatican City, home to the magnificent St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. Marvel at the breathtaking art collections, including the world-famous Sistine Chapel. As Christmas approaches, the Vatican City hosts special events and religious ceremonies, creating a spiritual atmosphere.


Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, offers an enchanting experience during December. The city comes alive with festive decorations and cultural events, showcasing its artistic heritage. Explore the historic city center and marvel at the magnificent Duomo, with its iconic dome designed by Brunelleschi.

Art enthusiasts can embark on a journey through history at the Uffizi Gallery, home to masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Botticelli. The gallery also hosts special exhibitions during the holiday season, providing an opportunity to discover lesser-known artworks.

December in Florence is also perfect for indulging in Italian gastronomy. Warm up with a cup of traditional hot chocolate or try seasonal treats like panettone and ricciarelli. Don’t forget to explore the Christmas markets, where you can find handmade crafts and delicious local delicacies.


Venice, the floating city, offers a romantic and unique experience in December. Despite being a popular tourist destination, visiting during this time allows you to enjoy the city’s charm without the overwhelming crowds. Navigating the Venetian canals and admiring the stunning architecture is a true delight.

Head to the famous St. Mark’s Square and Basilica, where you can witness the beauty of Venetian Gothic architecture. Climb to the top of the Campanile for breathtaking panoramic views of the city. December is also the perfect time to attend a traditional Venetian concert or opera performance, immersing yourself in the city’s cultural scene.

While in Venice, explore the local cuisine with a visit to the traditional bacari, where you can taste authentic cicchetti (small snacks) and sip on a glass of Italian wine. The city’s Christmas markets offer unique gifts and souvenirs, along with delicious street food to satisfy your cravings.

Insider’s Tip

One of the advantages of traveling to Rome, Florence, and Venice in December is the opportunity to enjoy these cities in a more authentic way. The locals are less overwhelmed by tourists during this time, creating a more genuine experience. Engage with the locals, learn about their traditions, and savor the charm of Italian winter festivities.

Unexpected Beauty

Exploring these cities during winter also provides the chance to witness unexpected beauty. Imagine iconic landmarks covered in a light dusting of snow, creating a picturesque scene that feels straight out of a fairytale. The charming streets, historic buildings, and festive decorations blend harmoniously, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Chasing Festive Flavors

Italian cuisine is renowned worldwide, and December is the perfect time to indulge in festive flavors. Taste the traditional Christmas desserts like panettone, a sweet bread loaf filled with dried fruits, and torrone, a nougat made with nuts and honey. Sample seasonal delicacies and warm beverages as you wander through the streets, savoring the unique flavors of each city.

Art and History Immersion

Italy is a country rich in art and history, and December offers a great opportunity to immerse yourself in its cultural treasures. Visit renowned museums, such as the Vatican Museums in Rome, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice, to witness some of the world’s most significant art collections. Admire famous masterpieces and discover lesser-known works by renowned artists, gaining a deeper understanding of Italy’s artistic heritage.

Holiday Shopping

December is the perfect time to tackle your holiday shopping while exploring these Italian cities. Each destination offers unique shopping experiences, from luxury boutiques to local markets. Find one-of-a-kind gifts for your loved ones, including Italian fashion, handmade crafts, and traditional souvenirs. Shop at the Christmas markets and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere while supporting local artisans.

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